August 15, 2020
Shure M44-7 Inverted

Shure M44-7: A Cartridge Heard by Millions, Known by Few

Of all the far-flung scenarios I could imagine happening in the decades to come, one that never occurred to me was a future without the Shure M44-7.
August 30, 2020
Rocksteady Spotify Playlist

Be Ready, Rocksteady – The Latest Spotify Playlist

The sparkling dawn of the new political day heralding Jamaican independence in 1962 was a setting sun by ’66. Those fading hopes also reflected ska’s slide in popularity.
June 13, 2021

Record Weasels: A Novel of Addiction

Record Weasels by Richard Blackburn is a savvy, hardboiled noir-thriller piled high with double-crossing 45 collectors, violent RICO-era mobsters, and failing relationships wrapped in greasy wax paper with a side of sexual tension, drug addiction and death all served cold to an early ‘60s Rockabilly soundtrack.