November 20, 2020

Kondo Audio Note: Masaki Ashizawa Creates his own Shadow

The current range of Kondo Audio Note products is proof positive that Masaki Ashizawa has emerged from the shadow and reflected glory of his mentor, Hiroyasu Kondo, and has become a forward-looking designer in his own right.
January 10, 2021

Review: Audio Note CD4.1x Integrated Transport and DAC

With the CD4.1x Audio Note UK shows it is focused on creating supremely musical hardware rather than touting measurements as a metric for success.
April 26, 2021

Review: TelluriumQ Black II, Blue Diamond and Ultra Black II Speaker Cables

These three Tellurium Q cables at their respective price points offer both subjective sonic value for investment, and an opportunity to wrest further performance enhancements from high-quality components.