August 22, 2021

Beauty And The Beat: Part Two – Building an Audiophile Sound System to move People

The calculus of throwing a dance party today is no more complex than it was five decades ago when David Mancuso kicked off The Loft in New York City and birthed a disco mecca still worshipped today by tens of thousands: The latest iteration of which – Beauty and The Beat – continues to be the subject of this second article and interview.
September 16, 2021

Type 7 Films: Devon Turnbull and the pursuit of High Fidelity

Putting together a film about high fidelity that focuses on the importance of enjoying music is the exception, not the rule. So, as I watched Type 7 Film’s feature short on Devon Turnbull and his OJAS brand of bespoke loudspeaker, amplifier and cable designs, I was struck at how truly unique the approach was.