December 1, 2020

Vancouver Virtual Audio Festival 2020

The Vancouver Virtual Audio Festival is meant to bring the experience of a real Hi-Fi Show into your living room. We have curated a selection of high performance systems which, in their own way, bring you closer to the music. 
December 1, 2020

Vancouver Virtual Audio Festival: Marantz and Totem Acoustic

The system – modern turntable with new-school integrated amplifier and multi-purpose digital source paired to revealing standmount loudspeakers and freshly-laundered AC power.
December 1, 2020

Vancouver Virtual Audio Festival: Vinnie Rossi, Lumin, Totem Acoustic and Antipodes

The system – unique hybrid design 300B tube/solid state integrated amplifier designed by circuit wunderkind Vinnie Rossi paired with a two-stage server/streamer/DAC setup and physically modest Canadian-made, two-way floorstanders.